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Chiropractic Care for Breastfeeding Issues in
Baton Rouge and Prairieville

Baby sleepingBreastfeeding is by far the best choice for infant feeding for numerous reasons. Significant research shows that, from a nutritional, immunological, digestive, neurological, developmental, mental, psychological, and emotional standpoint, there is no replacement.

Many women initially plan to breastfeed their newborns, yet some become frustrated and abandon their initial plan because of feeding difficulties that seem to have no solution. Many of these women either blame themselves or the baby for these issues, but it is neither’s fault.

Some of the most common indicators of difficulty with breastfeeding are:

  • Babies who cannot latch firmly
  • Babies who can latch and not sustain sucking
  • Babies who are unable to smoothly coordinate suckling, swallowing, and breathing
  • Babies who can feed in only one position
  • Babies who seem dissatisfied when nursing or who remain fussy and distressed throughout the day
  • Babies who chew and damage the mother’s nipples
  • Babies who may not feed any better from other devices
  • Babies who have the need to suck 24/7

What Causes Breastfeeding Issues

In the case of breastfeeding difficulty, the cause of the problem often traces back to undetected biomechanical injuries to the spine at birth. Injuries to an infant’s spine at birth, such as spinal misalignments of the neck, can cause an infant to be unable to turn either head, latch on, and suck properly. All of these symptoms would make it extremely difficult for an infant to breastfeed properly, if at all.

Dr. Godfrey Gutmann, a medical researcher, discovered that over 80% of the infants he examined after birth were suffering from cervical spine (neck) injuries, causing many types of health problems.

The failure to recognize these biomechanical injuries and their relationship to difficulty in breastfeeding leads to incorrect conclusions and therefore, inadequate recommendations and treatments. Without real solutions, mothers become discouraged, successful breastfeeding is not achieved, and women stop trying out of frustration.

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic care can be extremely effective in helping infants with breastfeeding issues. By correcting the biomechanical injuries the infant suffered during birth, such as cervical spine (neck) misalignments and cranial restrictions, the infant will then have the ability to properly turn their head, latch on properly, as well as other improved abilities which can help solve the breastfeeding issues.

Stop feeling frustrated about your breastfeeding troubles. It isn’t your fault, and chiropractic care is the solution.

Want more information on chiropractic and breastfeeding? Please visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website, which has 9 research articles on this very subject. Or, contact Core Chiropractic Clinic and we’d be happy to answer your questions!


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