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Epidurals Can Make Labor Last Longer

Pregnant womanEpidurals during labor have become a normality nowadays, but a new study from the University of California has revealed epidurals can prolong labor, an average of 2 hours longer.

It was previously known that epidurals prolonged labor, but only thought to lengthen it an hour. This new study shows that length of time is more than double. This is significant because prolonged labors increase the risk of complications for the baby and mother.

Why do epidurals lengthen labor? When a mother receives an epidural it prevents them from feeling their body from the waist down, this prevents them from feeling the labor contractions. Being unaware of when the contractions are happening prevents the mother from knowing when to “push”, which can prolong the labor.

So when the doctor ask, “… do you want an epidural?”. Think twice before answering “yes”.

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