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Mediterranean Diet Can Lower Risk of Heart Disease

A new study done by the Harvard School of Public Heath has revealed a mediterranean diet can lower the risk of heart disease in young populations.

The study revealed people that adhere to a Mediterranean diet had a 35% decreased risk of heart disease, as well as a 43% decreased risk in weight gain.

The findings of this study are not surprising, but they are significant since this is the first study of its kind among young people. The previous studies done on the Mediterranean diet were geared toward older people whom already had heart disease.

For those unaware of what the Mediterranean diet includes, it is a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. It’s important to recognize that this diet does not include red meat and processed foods, which is a huge contributor to chronic diseases such as heart disease.

If your wanting to improve your health and fight off heart disease, try incorporating the Mediterranean diet principles into your eating habits. You’ll be surprised how much it can help!

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