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Older Parents Are More Likely to Have an Autistic Child

Autism is an extremely controversial subject, not only within the medical community but in the public eye as well. There are many theories about what actually causes autism or could contribute to autism, but none have been scientifically proven or can be agreed upon.

A study has revealed that parents over the age of 35 are more likely to have an autistic child. What is interesting is, the study revealed that no matter if one or both parents are over that age the risk stays the same.

Why children with older parents are more at risk for developing autism is not known. It is thought however that older sperm and eggs may be more at risk for mutations which could contribute to autism.

It was found kids born to fathers over the age of 35 had up to a 28% higher risk of being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder than kids born to dads under age 35. Kids born to dads over the age of 40, had a 37-55% greater risk. The increase in risk was not tied to the mother’s age.

Similar to the findings on dads, children whose moms had them over the age of 35 were 21-37% more likely to develop autism than kids with moms under age 35. Kids born to moms over the age of 40 had a 28-65% greater risk. Once again, the risk was not tied to the age of the father.

So what can we actually learn from this study other than children with older parents are at higher risk for developing autism? I believe this shows us that there are a multitude of factors that contribute to a child developing autism. Genetics, vaccines, parent age, mutations, brain imbalances. The list goes on and on.

We must continue to strive to help these kids any way we can. Thats my goal. I hope your with me as well.

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