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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care for the

Baton Rouge & Prairieville Communities

Have an incredible pregnancy experience and a natural delivery with the help of Dr. Josh’s chiropractic care!

It’s common for many expecting moms to complain of hip issues, back pain and sciatica. Others hope to avoid the C-section they had to get during their previous birth, or simply want to make sure they have the best possible pregnancy. By aligning the pelvis with natural, safe chiropractic, labor can progress so that you can have a successful birthing experience.

The Webster Technique for a Better Birth

Dr. Josh is certified in the Webster Technique. This adjusting method allows us to help make sure that the baby has room to grow, develop and turn when it’s time for delivery. If the pelvis is misaligned, it can cause torsion on the uterus, which means the baby won’t have room to turn.

Furthermore, labor can be a traumatic process for both mom and baby. By aiming to shorten birthing times, chiropractic care may help ensure a safer delivery.

A Healthy Pregnancy From the Start

Chiropractic care can benefit you from the time you find out you’re pregnant. Dr. Josh will talk to you first to determine if you’re seeing any birthing professionals. If you need to be referred to someone, he has a network of people he works with. Then, he’ll ask you to detail any previous pregnancies, and explain to you what he does and how it helps you.

The frequency of your visits depends on what trimester you’re in and what your particular needs are. It might be necessary to see you every two weeks starting at week 26, increasing to once a week when you’re around week 35-36.

Insurance is accepted, and Dr. Josh is an in-network provider for many plans. Contact the practice today to find out more!

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