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The Insight Scanning System

Subluxation Station

Each color represents differing amounts of nervous system disturbance.

At Core Chiropractic Clinic, we utilize the most up to date and advanced chiropractic technology, and the most important technology we utilize is The Insight scanning system. This type of unique technology allows us to scan your spine and deliver a computerized image of the stress and tension to your nervous system. This gives Dr. Blanchard a scientific and measurable inside view to help determine and confirm the source of your pain and health issues. This advanced technology is a focal point in our office because it scientifically measures and gives certainty, no guessing or hypothesizing involved, which allows us to give you the best care possible.

Surface EMG

Surface Electromyography measures the small amounts of electrical nerve energy in the muscles along your spine. Our system knows exactly how much nerve energy spinal muscles should have to use to maintain proper posture. If this nerve energy is too strong or too weak then the technology will detect the problem areas and score them accordingly. This gives Dr. Blanchard a specific scientific way to measure muscle tone and determine which muscles are either too tight (muscle spasms) or too weak.

Thermal Scan

This scan measures the temperature on both sides of the spine. The body’s temperature control system is affected by pressure and tension on the spinal nerves. Researchers have found that temperature changes along the spine are directly related to how well the organs of the body work. This scan gives Dr. Blanchard an inside view of that part of the nervous system and how your body systems are responding to stress.

What to Expect

Dr. Blanchard will determine which scan or scans are necessary for you according to your symptoms. The scans themselves only take a few minutes, and are non-invasive and comfortable. After they are done, Dr. Blanchard will analyze the scans and review them with you so you can understand exactly what’s causing your pain and health issues.

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