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Why Dr. Blanchard Treats Kids

I love being a chiropractor, but helping kids is where my heart is. Everyone who shares my passion to care for kids has their own reason or story. I’d like to share with you my own story.

While growing up, I had to watch my younger brother, Jonathan, deal with behavioral and learning struggles starting when he was 2. My parents brought him to different types of doctors and tried many different types of treatments. They continuously searched for the right combination of drugs/treatments to allow him to behave and learn “normally” like his peers at school. It was trial and error. It was a repeated pattern of trying this medication and that one, along with a little less of this and little more of that. Unfortunately, no doctor could explain how he would react to the medications. Each doctor would say “…every child responds differently to them. We just have find the right one or combination of them.” With every drug or dosage change, his actions changed as well, until after years of ups and downs, one combo of drugs was finally “right.”

As I grew up and watched him struggle, all I saw in my eyes was simply a real life “research experiment” at Jonathan’s expense. I couldn’t understand why any doctor was able to make his life easier or give my parents the peace of mind knowing that he would be ok. As the years went by, I began to learn more about his case and his treatment was more of “the rule” than an exception.  His friends and classmates with similar struggles were going through their own “research study” and were also being treated in the same ways.

A journey like this is hard on both the child and the family. Growing up, all I could think about was “there had to be a better way.” Having a child and his/her family go through dozens of paths leading to dead ends wasn’t the answer, and I knew that.

While studying to become a chiropractor, I learned that chiropractic care can help children, not only with struggles similar to Jonathan’s, but also with countless other different issues. By understanding this and because of Jonathan’s journey, I have become a passionate advocate for improving a child’s natural health and to care for all children any way I can.

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