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Chiropractor Baton Rouge LA

Welcome to Core Chiropractic located in Baton Rouge, LA; where we combine a welcoming environment with the latest in chiropractic techniques and treatments. We take your health seriously and will work together with you to help you reach your health goals whatever those may be. Find out why our type of chiropractic care is unique and people travel all over the Baton Rouge area to see us.

Our mission is to help you and keep you pain free so you can participate in all the activities you love. The Baton Rouge area offers an abundance of outdoor and indoor activities, don’t let pain stop you from enjoying them. Getting specific and gentle chiropractic care from a caring Baton Rouge LA Chiropractor allows you to live life to the fullest! Come see what Core Chiropractic has to offer as we help you on your health journey.

What Sets Us Apart

Imagine receiving chiropractic care in Baton Rouge LA without any TWISTING - CRACKING - OR POPPING...Our chiropractic clinic provides a unique approach in research-based spinal corrective care. We are the only chiropractic office in Baton Rouge LA certified in the Activator Methods Technique, a technique that is prided on its gentle, specific, researched approach. Utilizing the Activator, an FDA-approved adjusting instrument to allow for specific and reproducible results.

All of our therapies, whether it be dry needling, graston, stretching and more are all performed by our chiropractor. You’ll never get passed on to a therapy tech or feel like you’re on a therapy assembly line. Dr. Blanchard is always the one by your side leading the way. Come experience and feel the difference in this type of chiropractic care.

Common Misconceptions about Chiropractic

First, the decision to continue chiropractic care beyond achieving your goals is entirely up to you, the patient. Dr. Blanchard's ultimate goal is to assist you in reaching a pain free life and provide guidance on how to maintain that level of health moving forward. Do some patients continue their care with us on a semi-regular basis? Sure, but that's because they recognize the benefits of having their spine checked periodically but it's not a requirement.

Another common myth is that chiropractic care is simply "cracking" your spine or joints. In our office, Dr. Blanchard utilizes the Activator Technique, which is a gentle, specific approach using precise adjusting points and angles. This allows us to correct the misalignments of your spine and joints that are causing your pain, leading to effective and lasting results.

Whether you're a chiropractic newcomer or simply looking to try a different approach, we invite you to come meet with Dr. Blanchard and discover how he can help you achieve your health goals.

You are just cracking the spine/joints. This is definitely not true, especially in our office. Dr. Blanchard uses the precise Activator Technique, which uses specific adjusting points and angles. This allows us to actually fix the misalignments of your spine and joints that are causing your pain. Think about it like this.

Whether you're new to chiropractic care or just ready to try a new chiropractic approach. If you feel like Dr. Blanchard's office is a good fit for you to reach your goals then Dr. Blanchard would love to meet you and get started.

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