Chiropractic Testimonials

"I am 9 months pregnant and have been suffering the majority of my pregnancy with extreme hip and pelvic pain. I just assumed this had to do with my age and the weight gain from this pregnancy. Due to the pain I have not been as active with this pregnancy, and have struggled with the simple everyday things, such as putting on shoes and socks. Even getting up to stand has been extremely difficult. A few weeks ago it was suggested that I see a chiropractor. I had seen one before when I was pregnant 9 years ago, and I didn’t really see a difference and it was not a comfortable experience. So needless to say I was skeptical about trying it out again. However, this was a different chiropractor and he was highly recommend so I decided to give it a try. Boy! How I wish I would have scheduled an appointment sooner!

With just one adjustment , my pain has improved significantly. I have been suffering this whole time and had no idea there was a solution to my pain. I just kept thinking it was my age or the significant weight gain. I can not thank Josh enough!! Wonderful experience all around! I just keep thinking how different this pregnancy would have been if I would have started seeing him sooner."

- Shannon O.

"Dr. Blanchard was fantastic! He was on time, listened to my concerns, and explained exactly what he was doing and why. He showed me how I can help my aches and pains with stretches. He was a great listener and answered all my questions so I was really able to know what was going on. Thank you Dr. Blanchard!"

- Hannah B.

"I am so thrilled with my visit that I just had to do a review on social media (which I never do)! I am thoroughly pleased with my results and thankful that Dr. Joshua took the time to listen to me and give quality feedback. Both he and Haile made me feel comfortable from the very 1st phone call. I am especially pleased with him considering my level of pain and scheduling my next appointment for the next day seeing as though the weekend is approaching."

- Portia J.

"Dr. Blanchard was great with my baby! He listened attentively as I explained our issues and in a couple of weeks of treatments she was all good. He had great availability for appointments and two convenient locations."

- Sonia A.

"Today was my FIRST appointment with a chiropractor. I’m very confident that the care plan will help me with my sciatic nerve issues. I’m so happy I listened to my friend Erica! Thanks Dr. Blanchard."

- Shannon R.

"Dr. Josh is so great. Listens to everything I have to say at each visit and treats me accordingly. I always look forward to my appointments and love the care. Very happy since starting treatment!!"

- Rachel G.

"I was nervous at first because the patient was my daughter but Dr. Blanchard assured me that he would be able to help with her headaches and I have so far seen an improvement. I was so impressed, that I have since become a patient!"

- Anonymous


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